Determine the Types of Shoes for Men

Shoes are part of men’s everyday life. Men’s shoes are commonly broader and sturdier than women’s shoes. Today we will focus here about types of shoes for men. This information will help you to select perfect shoes from different types of shoes.

Men, unlike women, go for the shoes’ functional purposes rather than its style. This is how men differ from women’s attitude towards shoes.

The shoes for men today are specially designed for their active lifestyle. In addition, just like women, men have also several types of shoes and footwear that they may use in specific situations.

Shoes can be classified as dress shoes, loafers, boots, brogues, and other types of shoes for men.


Boots are the strongest type of men’s shoes. During the past decades, men used to wear shoes for hard labor. They usually use the shoes for their protection during a hard day’s work.

types of shoes for men

In today’s era, the shoes can be used in formal settings if it is well- polished and attractive. Boots today are commonly used for formal occasions because of its stylish and well-crafted design.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are specifically designed for strenuous activity of the feet. Athletes wear this type of shoes for men during their fitness routine. Moreover, athletic shoes are divided into several types.

types of shoes for men

The shoes are specifically designed for a particular routine or sport. There are shoes made for soccer, bicycle, football, running, and basketball.

If an individual will wear specific shoes for a specific sport, the individual will have a better performance because of the footwear.


A brogue is a type of shoe made of leather with the uppers stopping are below or at the level of the ankle. Brogues are either pointed, rounded, some are slip on and some have laces.

The shoes can be purchased in different colors, however, if you aim to have a formal shoe, better purchase a black brogue.

Casual Shoes

Casual shoes look like athletic shoes. Casual shoes are the most comfortable shoes for men. The shoes are typically used for walking and for everyday use. Most casual shoes are less expensive than fitness shoes.


Loafers are shoes that are quite formal in nature. Loafer shoes can be used in casual and informal business events.

The shoes are not for formal occasions as it can go well with denim or corduroy pants. Loafers, just like casual shoes, can go well with any type of shirt.


Sandals are not considered as “shoes” because it is an open form of footwear. Sandals are the most commonly worn footwear on men because it is easy to wear.

types of shoes for men

Contrary to the idea that sandals are feminine, this footwear, specifically sports sandals look great on men. 

Sandals commonly look good with the right shorts. Moreover, men on the beach most commonly wear footwear as a substitute for flip flops.

Espadrilles are casual flat with a canvas or cotton fabric and a flexible sole that is made of rubber or rope. It is much seen in men and women these casino games made a real revolution in the industry.

Espadrilles commonly have a good canvas or bright color in its upper part. This footwear is commonly a summer shoe.

However, wearing the shoe during winter is a hit when you wear it with a nice pair of pants and socks.

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