Accentuate the Positives with the Right Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery, when chosen carefully, can bring out your best physical features while letting your personality shine. Here’s how.

Jewellery can do a lot more than just complete an outfit – it can communicate your personality, make you feel glamorous, and showcase your unique sense of style. There is another big benefit, though: carefully selected items can be used to really accentuate your best features.

silver jewellery

Silver tends to suit cooler skin tones and there are several ways you can choose pieces that show off your best features and complement your personality.

In fact, you should always choose to wear pieces that complement your personality and mean something to you. For some ideas, take a look at our wide selection of silver jewellery.

Jewellery for your Eyes

While it is important to pick eye makeup that complements your eye color, the same thing goes for jewellery. To really and truly bring out the color of your eyes, choose pieces of silver jewellery in complementary colors.

If you have brown eyes, you’re in luck! Brown is a combination of all the primary colors, so there are several colors of jewellery and stones that can beautifully complement your eyes.

Dark purple will bring out hazel flecks in light brown eyes whereas bright cobalt blue can offer a stunning contrast for dark brown eyes. All shades of brown eyes are typically able to pull off warm stones like browns and darker blues.

Blue eyes should pick pieces of jewellery that can enhance your appearance as opposed to overshadowing it. To complement your gorgeous blue eyes and not overpower your look, stick with neutral colors that have earthy tones like red or orange stones and features.

As for green eyes, they look sensational with silver jewellery in any shape or form. For an extra pop of color, choose lighter purple gemstones such as amethysts which will really bring out your eye color.

How to Elongate Your Neck with Silver Jewellery

Not all of us are blessed with sexy, elongated, and lean necks, but there are a few subtle ways you can elongate one of your best features. By choosing long silver necklaces that have a beautiful pendant on the neck, you can draw eyes down towards your torso and create the illusion of a lengthier neck.

silver jewellery

Dangly, narrow earrings can also create the illusion of a slender and long neck. The clean lines that you get with earrings, when parallel to the neck, can actually make the space between your shoulders and head look far more streamlined.

Flaunting Your Most Favorite Features

Choosing flattering silver jewellery is actually simpler that is seems. The key is to identify your very best assets and then choose pieces to show them off and thereby enhance and complement your personality.

silver jewellery

A couple of pieces of silver jewellery tailored to your best physical features and to let your personality shine will ensure your look sensational while giving you a wonderful boost of self-confidence.

If you are a quieter character, opt for dainty, subtle pieces. But, if you’re larger than life, let your jewellery talk for you with chunkier bracelets, big brooches, and heavy pendants.

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