The Different Types of Fashion Careers

There are many different types of fashion careers all over the world. Fashion is an ever-changing field and a competitive line of work. One good thing about being employed in a fashion career is it can give high salaries depending on the position title you are in. A fashion model needs to know about different types of modeling before selecting his / her particular fashion career. Today, we will focus briefly on the different types of fashion careers.

There is a wide array of fashion careers available in the fashion industry; these include fashion merchandising, fashion design, fashion buyers, fashion designers, fashion marketing, fashion photographer, fashion stylist, and other competitive jobs. The salary for these jobs is highly compensated.

Types of Fashion Careers

Fashion designer makes people feel better about how they look and appeal. They understand the clothes more and give a type of clothing image of what most people think artistic and aesthetic.

One the other hand, another hot fashion job is fashion photography. You will be able to travel and shoot models in different locations. This type of job has a sense of freedom because you will not be sitting on your desk all day.

A fashion stylist is able to share their fashion style with a variety of people. They style out and create an overall appearance to their talent on music videos, advertisements, television shows, movies, and occasions as well. If you would like to know briefly on requirements for a male model you could choose here.

What about the Fashion Careers Salary

The complexity of the fashion career makes the job salary increase. The average salary of a fashion career ranges from $42,000- $69, 766.  Bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions are not yet included in their salary.

The bonuses range from about $997 to $5,860, profit sharing $972-$4,958, and commissions $75.00 – $14,791. The total pay of a given fashion career combines to annual salary, hourly wage, profit sharing, commissions, overtime pay, and other forms of earnings is increased up to $70, 866.

Fashion Design: Art of Natural Beauty

Fashion design is the art of the applications of designs of natural beauty to accessories and garments. The designs are commonly influenced by social and cultural beliefs, location, and freedom of ideas.

Fashion designers can either work as a part of a designing team, while others work alone on his or her own fashion line.

Designers work to satisfy the desires of customers, they make sure that the designer clothes are functional and pleasing. They put into consideration the type of garment that must be prepared, the place where it will be used, and the personality of the person that will wear the garment.

Fashion Buyer: Chooses Store Items

A fashion buyer is the one who selects certain items that must be stocked in a store. The buyer has a broad knowledge regarding the hottest and most popular clothes and accessories to be purchased. A fashion model can take modeling tips and advice from the model lifestyle and it must be helpful for all models.

They often watch runway shows and trade fairs to observe the hottest trends. They can work in a variety of settings, they can work in large department stores, smaller boutiques, and chain stores.

The decisions regarding fashion stocks in a given store can affect the fashion business. Major fashion stores have different classifications of the fashion buyer, this include, trainee buyers, assistant buyers, senior buyers, buying managers, and buying directors.

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