Types of Massage Oils and Benefits Therapeutic massage

There are different types of massage oil in all over the world. Massage is a great way to relieve stress and negativities inside the body. This helps a lot especially for those people who experience tension and problems. Massage can also help to hasten up the healing process of a person with a disease. Today, we will focus on types of massage oils and benefits therapeutic massage.

Massage has several benefits, as it calms down our mind, it produces positive energy throughout our system.

If you will be doing the massage, you need to know some massage tips to maximize the benefit of the massage. The right massage has different benefits, all but positive effects in our body.

Types of Massage Oils

Types of Massage Oils

Discussed below are the different types of massage oils that are commonly used massaging oils and these oils are all beneficial to the body.
  • Jojoba oil is good to massage oil. Jojoba oil has antibacterial properties, it is very useful for those who have back acne. Another good thing about this oil is it can be absorbed by the skin very well.

This type of oil is not irritating to the skin and it has a silky consistency. This oil may help the skin moistened.

  • Sweet almond oil is popular to the massage therapist. This type of oil is not very oily but it is enough to allow the hands to move gently over the skin.

The skin can absorb this oil quickly, and it can last on the skin long enough. Sweet almond oil is readily available in the market and it costs fairly than other oils.

  • Apricot kernel is a lot expensive than the sweet almond oil. This oil contains high levels of vitamin E. Apricot kernel oil can last long in its bottle than other oils. This oil can be combined with aromatherapy. This is the perfect oil for those people who experiences allergy with nut.
  • Coconut oil is a non-greasy and light oil. This oil is cheaper than the first discussed oils. It also has a long shelf life and it does not stain your clothes or sheets during massage therapy.
  • Sunflower oil is no grease type of oil. The oil has linoleic acid, palmitic, and stearic acid. These oils are essential to the skin. The skin through aging is eroded linoleic acid.

Unlike the other types of oils, this oil can go rancid, and it has a short shelf life. In order for the oil to last, you must put vitamin E capsules in the oil and store it to a dark bottle.

Massage Benefits

Therapeutic massage has many benefits, and these benefits include:
Types of Massage Oils
  • Massage eases soreness and painful muscles, this will make you depend less on pain medications.
  • It helps enhance sleep.
  • It makes the lymphatic system flow efficiently and this enhances the body’s immune system.
  • Massage also helps improve the condition of the skin. It helps circulate the skin cells, this makes the skin revitalize and stay healthy.
  • The good thing about therapeutic massage is it can reduce scar tissue. Scars will be less visible when continues massaging of the area takes place.
  • Massage also helps a lot in relieving headache and migraine. Migraine, pain, headache can be minimized because massage helps release the body’s painkiller called “endorphins”.
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