Types of Massage Oils and Benefits Therapeutic massage

There are different types of massage oil in all over the world. Massage is a great way to relieve stress and negativities inside the body. This helps a lot especially for those people who experience tension and problems. Massage can also help to hasten up the healing process of a person with a disease. Today, we will focus on types of massage oils and benefits therapeutic massage.

Massage has several benefits, as it calms down our mind, it produces positive energy throughout our system.

If you will be doing the massage, you need to know some massage tips to maximize the benefit of the massage. The right massage has different benefits, all but positive effects in our body.

Types of Massage Oils

Types of Massage Oils

Discussed below are the different types of massage oils that are commonly used massaging oils and these oils are all beneficial to the body.
  • Jojoba oil is good to massage oil. Jojoba oil has antibacterial properties, it is very useful for those who have back acne. Another good thing about this oil is it can be absorbed by the skin very well.

This type of oil is not irritating to the skin and it has a silky consistency. This oil may help the skin moistened.

  • Sweet almond oil is popular to the massage therapist. This type of oil is not very oily but it is enough to allow the hands to move gently over the skin.

The skin can absorb this oil quickly, and it can last on the skin long enough. Sweet almond oil is readily available in the market and it costs fairly than other oils.

  • Apricot kernel is a lot expensive than the sweet almond oil. This oil contains high levels of vitamin E. Apricot kernel oil can last long in its bottle than other oils. This oil can be combined with aromatherapy. This is the perfect oil for those people who experiences allergy with nut.
  • Coconut oil is a non-greasy and light oil. This oil is cheaper than the first discussed oils. It also has a long shelf life and it does not stain your clothes or sheets during massage therapy.
  • Sunflower oil is no grease type of oil. The oil has linoleic acid, palmitic, and stearic acid. These oils are essential to the skin. The skin through aging is eroded linoleic acid.

Unlike the other types of oils, this oil can go rancid, and it has a short shelf life. In order for the oil to last, you must put vitamin E capsules in the oil and store it to a dark bottle.

Massage Benefits

Therapeutic massage has many benefits, and these benefits include:
Types of Massage Oils
  • Massage eases soreness and painful muscles, this will make you depend less on pain medications.
  • It helps enhance sleep.
  • It makes the lymphatic system flow efficiently and this enhances the body’s immune system.
  • Massage also helps improve the condition of the skin. It helps circulate the skin cells, this makes the skin revitalize and stay healthy.
  • The good thing about therapeutic massage is it can reduce scar tissue. Scars will be less visible when continues massaging of the area takes place.
  • Massage also helps a lot in relieving headache and migraine. Migraine, pain, headache can be minimized because massage helps release the body’s painkiller called “endorphins”.
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How to Choose the Best Fitness Shoes

There are different fitness shoes available on the market. Today we will focus on the best fitness shoes.

Fitness shoes are a type of footwear specifically made to be used in sports and other forms of physical exercise. However, some fitness shoes can also be used for casual activities.

Fitness shoes are also called trainers, sandshoes, joggers, rubber shoes, running shoes, gutters, sneakers, tennis shoes, sports shoes, sneaks, and canvers.

best fitness shoes

There are tips that must be remembered when choosing the best fitness shoes and the right type of fitness shoes, these tips include:

  • Soft cushioned shoes are perfect for people who jog. Using soft-cushioned shoes may give additional durability and stability to your feet.
  • For those people who have excess weight, motion control fitness shoes are the right footwear because it is highly durable and helps in motion balancing. In addition, people who need stability support must also use motion control-oriented shoes.
  • Trail fitness shoes are used for those who run in the road. This type of shoe is designed to have good traction and stability. For a good run, buy trail fitness shoes with a thicker sole.
  • For those people who will undergo fitness training, lightweight fitness shoes are the best shoes to be used. These shoes are very flexible. You do not have to struggle when you are wearing these shoes while doing your fitness routine.

Shape Up Shoes

Shape up shoes has rocker sole or rocker bottom. This type of shoe has a thick sole with rounded heels. The rounded heels prevent flat footing along the proximal-distal axis of the foot.

Shape up shoes are generally called toning shoes, rounded shoes, and round bottom shoes.

Shape-ups shoes are popularized by brands such as MBT, Shape-Ups, and EasyTone.

Reebok Fitness Shoes

Reebok International Limited is a German sportswear subsidiary of Adidas. Reebok produces athletic shoes accessories and apparel.

One of the best fitness shoes of the brand is the Reebok EasyTone.

EasyTone shoes are specially designed for walking and everyday activities.

The shoes help tone and tighten up the leg muscle, specifically the glutes, hamstrings and the calves. Reebok EasyTone provides support while walking and working out.

Skechers Fitness Shoes

Skechers is an American shoe company that was founded by CEO Robert Greenberg and his son, president Michael Greenberg in 2003.

best fitness shoes

The brand produces athletic, casual and dresses for men, women, and children.

The brand is considered the second athletic brand of footwear in the United States today.

Fitness Group lines of Skechers include Shape-ups by SKECHERS, Tone-ups by SKECHERS, and SKECHERS Resistance collection.

MBT Fitness Shoes

MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) fitness shoes are customized to fit the modern life of the wearer. The designs of the footwear are not that fashionable.

However, this brand is one of the best athletic shoes in the market. Shoes from MBT really do well in the field.

The shape up shoes from MBT meant to unbalance the wearer so the muscles will do extra efforts to keep the wearer upright.

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Yoga Breathing Exercises for Healthier Body and Lifestyle

Many people live fast-paced lives, struggling to meet daily demands, and one of the things often neglected is personal health. Many people live at such a fast pace they fail to take care of basic things such as paying attention to the level of breathing. Today we will cover briefly about Yoga breathing exercises for a healthier body and lifestyle.

Factors such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, and improper nutrition often lead to improper breathing. Proper breathing is important for wellness.

Increased oxygen into the bloodstream improves the quality of blood, revitalizes and rejuvenates, and can even restore the skin’s complexion.

Proper breathing techniques are key principles through relaxation exercises in Yoga. Yoga exercises are typically done as floor exercises on a mat and involve relaxation, stretching, and breathing.

Yoga Breathing Exercises

Learning a few simple techniques employed through Yoga relaxation exercises will help the overall health of the body, and restore proper breathing and oxygen to the body.

Yoga should be done in a quiet area of the home, with freedom of movement, away from cumbersome objects and activity. Yoga can also be practiced in gardens or outdoor spaces.

If practicing yoga breathing outside make sure not to do so under direct sunlight. Prepare the space for breathing exercises by collecting a yoga mat, and two blankets. Yoga is normally with comfortable, not tight-fitting clothing, and bare feet.

The first exercise is the Supine complete breath technique. The exercise is done in a laying down position on the yoga mat. Two blankets are on the mat, one for resting the head upon, and the other folded vertically against the spine of the back.

Allow head, arms, hands, and legs to rest onto the floor. Soles of feet can also be brought to rest against each other. Relax the mind and close the eyes.

With eyes closed begin to be aware of breathing through the nose, and gradually push the stomach out. This releases air to the lower part of the lungs.

Slowly breathe out through the nose, while drawing the abdomen in. Repeat the exercise, breathing in through the nose, only this time be aware of breathing in all the way to the chest. Exhale and draw in stomach muscles. Do this for 2-3 minutes.

After mastering the technique from a lying position, try it from a seated position. This opens up the chest and lungs. Sit on two folded, stacked blankets.

Repeat the same breathing technique from the seated position. Push stomach out when breathing in, and draw stomach in when breathing out. Do this in the seated position for 2-5 minutes.

The standing breath is done from a standing position, with legs placed slightly apart. While breathing in lift the arms beside the body, above the head and palms of hands should meet above the center of the head.

While exhaling brings palms down in front and centerline of the body. Repeat five times. Deeper inhalation can be achieved by standing on the toes while lifting arms.

Once individuals have mastered these breathing techniques they will find these techniques to relieve everyday stress, relax the mind, and provide a healthier body and lifestyle.

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