The Different Types of Fashion Careers

There are many different types of fashion careers all over the world. Fashion is an ever-changing field and a competitive line of work. One good thing about being employed in a fashion career is it can give high salaries depending on the position title you are in. A fashion model needs to know about different types of modeling before selecting his / her particular fashion career. Today, we will focus briefly on the different types of fashion careers.

There is a wide array of fashion careers available in the fashion industry; these include fashion merchandising, fashion design, fashion buyers, fashion designers, fashion marketing, fashion photographer, fashion stylist, and other competitive jobs. The salary for these jobs is highly compensated.

Types of Fashion Careers

Fashion designer makes people feel better about how they look and appeal. They understand the clothes more and give a type of clothing image of what most people think artistic and aesthetic.

One the other hand, another hot fashion job is fashion photography. You will be able to travel and shoot models in different locations. This type of job has a sense of freedom because you will not be sitting on your desk all day.

A fashion stylist is able to share their fashion style with a variety of people. They style out and create an overall appearance to their talent on music videos, advertisements, television shows, movies, and occasions as well. If you would like to know briefly on requirements for a male model you could choose here.

What about the Fashion Careers Salary

The complexity of the fashion career makes the job salary increase. The average salary of a fashion career ranges from $42,000- $69, 766.  Bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions are not yet included in their salary.

The bonuses range from about $997 to $5,860, profit sharing $972-$4,958, and commissions $75.00 – $14,791. The total pay of a given fashion career combines to annual salary, hourly wage, profit sharing, commissions, overtime pay, and other forms of earnings is increased up to $70, 866.

Fashion Design: Art of Natural Beauty

Fashion design is the art of the applications of designs of natural beauty to accessories and garments. The designs are commonly influenced by social and cultural beliefs, location, and freedom of ideas.

Fashion designers can either work as a part of a designing team, while others work alone on his or her own fashion line.

Designers work to satisfy the desires of customers, they make sure that the designer clothes are functional and pleasing. They put into consideration the type of garment that must be prepared, the place where it will be used, and the personality of the person that will wear the garment.

Fashion Buyer: Chooses Store Items

A fashion buyer is the one who selects certain items that must be stocked in a store. The buyer has a broad knowledge regarding the hottest and most popular clothes and accessories to be purchased. A fashion model can take modeling tips and advice from the model lifestyle and it must be helpful for all models.

They often watch runway shows and trade fairs to observe the hottest trends. They can work in a variety of settings, they can work in large department stores, smaller boutiques, and chain stores.

The decisions regarding fashion stocks in a given store can affect the fashion business. Major fashion stores have different classifications of the fashion buyer, this include, trainee buyers, assistant buyers, senior buyers, buying managers, and buying directors.

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Determine the Types of Shoes for Men

Shoes are part of men’s everyday life. Men’s shoes are commonly broader and sturdier than women’s shoes. Today we will focus here about types of shoes for men. This information will help you to select perfect shoes from different types of shoes.

Men, unlike women, go for the shoes’ functional purposes rather than its style. This is how men differ from women’s attitude towards shoes.

The shoes for men today are specially designed for their active lifestyle. In addition, just like women, men have also several types of shoes and footwear that they may use in specific situations.

Shoes can be classified as dress shoes, loafers, boots, brogues, and other types of shoes for men.


Boots are the strongest type of men’s shoes. During the past decades, men used to wear shoes for hard labor. They usually use the shoes for their protection during a hard day’s work.

types of shoes for men

In today’s era, the shoes can be used in formal settings if it is well- polished and attractive. Boots today are commonly used for formal occasions because of its stylish and well-crafted design.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are specifically designed for strenuous activity of the feet. Athletes wear this type of shoes for men during their fitness routine. Moreover, athletic shoes are divided into several types.

types of shoes for men

The shoes are specifically designed for a particular routine or sport. There are shoes made for soccer, bicycle, football, running, and basketball.

If an individual will wear specific shoes for a specific sport, the individual will have a better performance because of the footwear.


A brogue is a type of shoe made of leather with the uppers stopping are below or at the level of the ankle. Brogues are either pointed, rounded, some are slip on and some have laces.

The shoes can be purchased in different colors, however, if you aim to have a formal shoe, better purchase a black brogue.

Casual Shoes

Casual shoes look like athletic shoes. Casual shoes are the most comfortable shoes for men. The shoes are typically used for walking and for everyday use. Most casual shoes are less expensive than fitness shoes.


Loafers are shoes that are quite formal in nature. Loafer shoes can be used in casual and informal business events.

The shoes are not for formal occasions as it can go well with denim or corduroy pants. Loafers, just like casual shoes, can go well with any type of shirt.


Sandals are not considered as “shoes” because it is an open form of footwear. Sandals are the most commonly worn footwear on men because it is easy to wear.

types of shoes for men

Contrary to the idea that sandals are feminine, this footwear, specifically sports sandals look great on men. 

Sandals commonly look good with the right shorts. Moreover, men on the beach most commonly wear footwear as a substitute for flip flops.

Espadrilles are casual flat with a canvas or cotton fabric and a flexible sole that is made of rubber or rope. It is much seen in men and women these casino games made a real revolution in the industry.

Espadrilles commonly have a good canvas or bright color in its upper part. This footwear is commonly a summer shoe.

However, wearing the shoe during winter is a hit when you wear it with a nice pair of pants and socks.

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Fashion Photography Tips and Tricks

Fashion photography is a great career in the fashion industry. However, you need to have an eye on how to connect the model and the clothing significantly. Today we will focus briefly on fashion photography tips and tricks.

It is a branch of photography that is devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items that can be conducted in advertisements and magazines.

Fashion photography evolved from mere photography into having its own aesthetics. Currently, this photography is shot in different exciting locations having unusual accessories.

fashion photography tips

If you are a fund of reading fashion magazines such as Elle and Vogue, you may see different models shot in exotic locations.

The goal of this kind of photography is to make the fashion or accessories look desirable. So when people see it, they will purchase it.

Discussed below are some of the tips and tricks in fashion photography. These are a basic must- do’s to have good shots, and even an ordinary individual may follow these tricks.

Keep in mind that you need to focus on your camera, you need to have it at all times so that you may capture once in a lifetime opportunity moment.

The type of camera that you will be using is very essential. Digital single-lens reflex cameras are the most known and used camera that may give beautiful outcomes.

However, there are other digital cameras that you may also use in order to achieve the best quality.

Find interesting angles and distances. Be aware of how you will take a picture of a model or a thing that will be more recognizable at an angle.

It will be good if you will practice a shot in multiple angles to determine better the right shot for it.

Keep in mind that distance is also important too. The distance of the model and the shot of the location have a huge impact on the picture.

Make sure that the hues contrast well. The small details of the photo counts so be sure to include it in your post-processing.

However, the subject must be organized well and must be seen as the center of attraction. Make sure the hues and small details are not exaggerated and do not overdo the photo.

Moreover, if you will be using a model for an outstanding advertisement, keep in mind that the model’s hair and makeup must be done by professional artists.

The colors that were used in your model’s makeup must be in accordance with the photoshoot set up.

Realize that you also need to make simple suggestions on the stylist if you have a definite set up in mind.

Furthermore, the clothing and accessories that the subject will use must be artistic and aesthetically presentable.

Keep in mind that you will be selling the clothes and accessories of the model, so keep the shot very presenting.

The lighting must emphasize the beauty and texture of the material to be aware of the proper lighting and other sparkles.

How to Choose the Best Fitness Shoes

There are different fitness shoes available on the market. Today we will focus on the best fitness shoes.

Fitness shoes are a type of footwear specifically made to be used in sports and other forms of physical exercise. However, some fitness shoes can also be used for casual activities.

Fitness shoes are also called trainers, sandshoes, joggers, rubber shoes, running shoes, gutters, sneakers, tennis shoes, sports shoes, sneaks, and canvers.

best fitness shoes

There are tips that must be remembered when choosing the best fitness shoes and the right type of fitness shoes, these tips include:

  • Soft cushioned shoes are perfect for people who jog. Using soft-cushioned shoes may give additional durability and stability to your feet.
  • For those people who have excess weight, motion control fitness shoes are the right footwear because it is highly durable and helps in motion balancing. In addition, people who need stability support must also use motion control-oriented shoes.
  • Trail fitness shoes are used for those who run in the road. This type of shoe is designed to have good traction and stability. For a good run, buy trail fitness shoes with a thicker sole.
  • For those people who will undergo fitness training, lightweight fitness shoes are the best shoes to be used. These shoes are very flexible. You do not have to struggle when you are wearing these shoes while doing your fitness routine.

Shape Up Shoes

Shape up shoes has rocker sole or rocker bottom. This type of shoe has a thick sole with rounded heels. The rounded heels prevent flat footing along the proximal-distal axis of the foot.

Shape up shoes are generally called toning shoes, rounded shoes, and round bottom shoes.

Shape-ups shoes are popularized by brands such as MBT, Shape-Ups, and EasyTone.

Reebok Fitness Shoes

Reebok International Limited is a German sportswear subsidiary of Adidas. Reebok produces athletic shoes accessories and apparel.

One of the best fitness shoes of the brand is the Reebok EasyTone.

EasyTone shoes are specially designed for walking and everyday activities.

The shoes help tone and tighten up the leg muscle, specifically the glutes, hamstrings and the calves. Reebok EasyTone provides support while walking and working out.

Skechers Fitness Shoes

Skechers is an American shoe company that was founded by CEO Robert Greenberg and his son, president Michael Greenberg in 2003.

best fitness shoes

The brand produces athletic, casual and dresses for men, women, and children.

The brand is considered the second athletic brand of footwear in the United States today.

Fitness Group lines of Skechers include Shape-ups by SKECHERS, Tone-ups by SKECHERS, and SKECHERS Resistance collection.

MBT Fitness Shoes

MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) fitness shoes are customized to fit the modern life of the wearer. The designs of the footwear are not that fashionable.

However, this brand is one of the best athletic shoes in the market. Shoes from MBT really do well in the field.

The shape up shoes from MBT meant to unbalance the wearer so the muscles will do extra efforts to keep the wearer upright.

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Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

We all want to look beautiful in spite of our differences. No matter how tall, thin, or heavy you are, you want to look best at all times. For instance, no matter how big you are, you still want to look for ways how you can look slimmer and sexier. Today we will cover briefly about fashion tips for plus size women.

Plus size women are sheer beauties.  True beauty lies under the curves, however, most plus-size women cannot flaunt their beauties because they have low self-confidence due to their weight.

In order to hyped up the plus-size women’s confidence, they need to follow essential tips on how to dress. Here are some of the fashion tips for plus size women you need to remember in dressing up if you are heavier than others.

Fashion Tips For Plus Size

Select Lengthy Shirts

Long shirts are those shirts that have lengths that at least touch the middle of the hips. This kind of shirt is essential if you want to hide your flesh when you bend over or raise your hand up. Never wear shirts that only touch your waist because it will only make your hidden curves exposed.

Know your Bra Size

Knowing and wearing your right bra size is essential to look pleasing in the eyes of others. If your chest is quite big, be sure that you will use a bra that can lift and give your breast a natural shape.

Underwire bra helps a lot in shaping the breast accordingly. However, always remember that comfort must be given importance too before wearing underwire bras.

Fashion Tips For Plus Size

Wear Dark Dresses

Dark clothing makes a plus-size woman slim. Try on the colors black, navy, and brown to reduce your wide. This is applicable for shirts, dresses, and bottoms, as long as it’s dark and gloomy, it is perfect for your size.

Tone Down the Accessories

Accessories must be given importance too to make wide women slim and sexy. Keep in mind that big and bold accessories must be avoided. Belts, as well as bags, must not be big enough to catch the onlooker’s attention.

In addition, this may only add size to your wideness. Medium-sized bags and belts are the safest sizes that will not make you look wider.

Avoid Tightly-Fitting Clothes

Some curves are flattening while some curves are not. Keep in mind that the right fit of clothes is important. Never wear extra tight-fitting clothes because it will show off the bulges and unpleasant curves that you hide.

Remember that evenly fitted clothes help accentuate your curves and show off your sexiness.

Fashion Tips For Plus Size

Pick Pants that are Long Enough

Short pants cut the length of your legs that will only make you look heavier. Keep in mind that the longer the pants you wear, the longer your legs and the slimmer you will look.

Moreover, boot cut pants are very slimming, however, keep in mind that tightness and how well the pants fit is also important to look slimmer.

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Yoga Breathing Exercises for Healthier Body and Lifestyle

Many people live fast-paced lives, struggling to meet daily demands, and one of the things often neglected is personal health. Many people live at such a fast pace they fail to take care of basic things such as paying attention to the level of breathing. Today we will cover briefly about Yoga breathing exercises for a healthier body and lifestyle.

Factors such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, and improper nutrition often lead to improper breathing. Proper breathing is important for wellness.

Increased oxygen into the bloodstream improves the quality of blood, revitalizes and rejuvenates, and can even restore the skin’s complexion.

Proper breathing techniques are key principles through relaxation exercises in Yoga. Yoga exercises are typically done as floor exercises on a mat and involve relaxation, stretching, and breathing.

Yoga Breathing Exercises

Learning a few simple techniques employed through Yoga relaxation exercises will help the overall health of the body, and restore proper breathing and oxygen to the body.

Yoga should be done in a quiet area of the home, with freedom of movement, away from cumbersome objects and activity. Yoga can also be practiced in gardens or outdoor spaces.

If practicing yoga breathing outside make sure not to do so under direct sunlight. Prepare the space for breathing exercises by collecting a yoga mat, and two blankets. Yoga is normally with comfortable, not tight-fitting clothing, and bare feet.

The first exercise is the Supine complete breath technique. The exercise is done in a laying down position on the yoga mat. Two blankets are on the mat, one for resting the head upon, and the other folded vertically against the spine of the back.

Allow head, arms, hands, and legs to rest onto the floor. Soles of feet can also be brought to rest against each other. Relax the mind and close the eyes.

With eyes closed begin to be aware of breathing through the nose, and gradually push the stomach out. This releases air to the lower part of the lungs.

Slowly breathe out through the nose, while drawing the abdomen in. Repeat the exercise, breathing in through the nose, only this time be aware of breathing in all the way to the chest. Exhale and draw in stomach muscles. Do this for 2-3 minutes.

After mastering the technique from a lying position, try it from a seated position. This opens up the chest and lungs. Sit on two folded, stacked blankets.

Repeat the same breathing technique from the seated position. Push stomach out when breathing in, and draw stomach in when breathing out. Do this in the seated position for 2-5 minutes.

The standing breath is done from a standing position, with legs placed slightly apart. While breathing in lift the arms beside the body, above the head and palms of hands should meet above the center of the head.

While exhaling brings palms down in front and centerline of the body. Repeat five times. Deeper inhalation can be achieved by standing on the toes while lifting arms.

Once individuals have mastered these breathing techniques they will find these techniques to relieve everyday stress, relax the mind, and provide a healthier body and lifestyle.

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Accentuate the Positives with the Right Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery, when chosen carefully, can bring out your best physical features while letting your personality shine. Here’s how.

Jewellery can do a lot more than just complete an outfit – it can communicate your personality, make you feel glamorous, and showcase your unique sense of style. There is another big benefit, though: carefully selected items can be used to really accentuate your best features.

silver jewellery

Silver tends to suit cooler skin tones and there are several ways you can choose pieces that show off your best features and complement your personality.

In fact, you should always choose to wear pieces that complement your personality and mean something to you. For some ideas, take a look at our wide selection of silver jewellery.

Jewellery for your Eyes

While it is important to pick eye makeup that complements your eye color, the same thing goes for jewellery. To really and truly bring out the color of your eyes, choose pieces of silver jewellery in complementary colors.

If you have brown eyes, you’re in luck! Brown is a combination of all the primary colors, so there are several colors of jewellery and stones that can beautifully complement your eyes.

Dark purple will bring out hazel flecks in light brown eyes whereas bright cobalt blue can offer a stunning contrast for dark brown eyes. All shades of brown eyes are typically able to pull off warm stones like browns and darker blues.

Blue eyes should pick pieces of jewellery that can enhance your appearance as opposed to overshadowing it. To complement your gorgeous blue eyes and not overpower your look, stick with neutral colors that have earthy tones like red or orange stones and features.

As for green eyes, they look sensational with silver jewellery in any shape or form. For an extra pop of color, choose lighter purple gemstones such as amethysts which will really bring out your eye color.

How to Elongate Your Neck with Silver Jewellery

Not all of us are blessed with sexy, elongated, and lean necks, but there are a few subtle ways you can elongate one of your best features. By choosing long silver necklaces that have a beautiful pendant on the neck, you can draw eyes down towards your torso and create the illusion of a lengthier neck.

silver jewellery

Dangly, narrow earrings can also create the illusion of a slender and long neck. The clean lines that you get with earrings, when parallel to the neck, can actually make the space between your shoulders and head look far more streamlined.

Flaunting Your Most Favorite Features

Choosing flattering silver jewellery is actually simpler that is seems. The key is to identify your very best assets and then choose pieces to show them off and thereby enhance and complement your personality.

silver jewellery

A couple of pieces of silver jewellery tailored to your best physical features and to let your personality shine will ensure your look sensational while giving you a wonderful boost of self-confidence.

If you are a quieter character, opt for dainty, subtle pieces. But, if you’re larger than life, let your jewellery talk for you with chunkier bracelets, big brooches, and heavy pendants.

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